We explore the city with families from around the world and we give the chance to the local families to re-discover it from a different point of view. We offer educative leisure activities in English, Spanish, Catalan, and German.

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Excellent Tour for Families!
We can’t recommend this tour company enough (Columbus and Dragon Tours). Anna was great with our kids (7 and 10) and kept them engaged for the whole time. The tours were very informative even for the grown up kids (me and my wife). We have done similar family friendly tours in Rome, Prague, Budapest, Athens and Berlin so I would consider ourselves very expereinced in evaluating these types of tours. Our tour in Barcelona with Anna was definitely one of the best because of her passion for the city and how thoughtful she was with the kids. Bravo!!

Craig C, tripadvisor

Columbus tour – a must for kids!
What a wonderful way to learn the history of Christopher Columbus! Our guide Ana went to great lengths to make the tour entertaining and educational. Both my children ages, 14 and 8 loved the tour. “I loved the way she really cared if we understood what she was showing us.”, said my 14 year old. What wonderful way to see the city! I loved seeing the old spice shop!ñados.

1234suzanne, tripadvisor

Fabulous Dragons of Barcelona tour!
What a great tour! Our family of two parents and two daughters ages 10 and 15 enjoyed our tour with Bergith so much! We have been on many tours in Europe and this stands out as a “do not miss!” Bergith is highly knowledgeable about history and culture, and she skillfully wove the theme of finding dragons while we walked into her tour. She is articulate and engaging and I highly recommend her tour to adults as well as children and teens. ……. Don’t skip this tour!

anonymous, tripadvisor

Fantastic tour for the whole family
Last week we made two tours with Bergith, specifically designed for families. The first tour was a kind of scavenger hunt through the old town, where my husband and I felt like children again, too. We were very surprised how much information about the city, history and traditions can be brought close to the children in this way. Since our three kids between 6-12 were so happy about the tour, we spontaneously decided to book a second one for the next day…… Many Thanks!

Sandrita1111, tripadvisor

Great tour of Gothic area
Our family (kids aged 16-8) took a tour with Anna. She was so sweet AND knowledgable. It’s not an easy thing to relate to teens and young kids. She did it beautifully. All the kids had a good time and we learned along the way. A few hours well spent. Highly recommend this!

Cristina W, tripadvisor