Bergith Mayer-Schuchard

I was born in Germany, and I graduated in Architecture from Fachhochschule München (1996). I’ve worked as an architect in Germany and, since 2002, in Barcelona.

I’ve lived in South America, Munich, and Barcelona, and I believe it is essential to teach children, from a very young age, respect for and interest in different cultures and languages, morals I’m trying to transmit to my two daughters, both born in Barcelona.

Kids&Cat is to me a project where I can pass on my passion about Barcelona both to families visiting Catalonia and to local families in search of new experiences.

Anna Pérez Muns

I was born in Barcelona and I graduated in Journalism and Information Science from Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (2001). I’ve worked in different sectors related to communication and advertising, and I like being close to people, especially to small people.

To me, Kids&Cat is an opportunity to explore the willingness that children have to learn and soak up knowledge ; to tell them stories and get caught up in their interest in discovering the world and in this case the city of Barcelona.
I lived for two years in London, UK, and I love discovering places along with my children by being with people and speaking their language.


We find it very interesting to discover our city and its history in the same way a child would, as their curiosity and their will to learn help us to every day.

We want to come up with new ways of telling them stories about Barcelona, and of making those stories reach the kids while they take part in an adventure.

We share our passion for languages and culture, and the desire to bring together our knowledge of architecture and communication to create unique experiences in each one of our tours.