Kids&Cat also offers its experiences as cultural visits for schools. In English, Spanish, Catalan, and German.

We believe in experiential learning derived from play and curiosity through exploring and questioning. And we believe this learning is far more valuable when shared.

Kids&Cat adapts the experiences to the specific requirements such as age of the students or in terms of educational objectives.

Our activities try to encourage the inherent curiosity in children and motivate their involvement, based on three basic features:

Simplicity: by adapting them to the students’ age, abilities and preparation.

Activity: by maintaining the attention and the motivation to learn.

Usefulness: by giving a useful background for other learnings.

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In Kids&Cat we want our experiences as cultural visits for schools to accomplish these aims:

  1. Autonomously learning, looking for answers to the questions the kids may come up with about the matters presented on the route.
  2. Acting responsibly and participating with initiative and critical knowledge during the activity.
  3. Knowing and valuing the artistic and cultural heritage from both their own and different countries.
  4. Taking the initiative to get engaged in the improvement of their environment.
  5. Being able to understand the languages of different artistic expressions.
  6. In the case of the activities orientated towards reinforcing a language, identifying and understanding oral and written messages in foreign languages in real situations, allowing them to access information and putting it into words orally to solve everyday communicative situations.