Barcelona is full of dragons watching us from the gargoyles of the old buildings. More than a thousand of them are hiding in the façades, the streets and the squares of the city. We’ll learn about the symbology of the dragon and why it is the guardian of power of nature, and a very wise animal. There are many types of dragons: wild, magical, fantastical, terrifying…

We become investigators and follow a scavenger hunt to find them and the legends hiding behind the dragons of Barcelona.

We come into contact with the different cultural attitudes towards dragons: to the occidental they are evil, but to the oriental, they are kind and protective.

At the end of the tour we’ll be able to distinguish the main features of the different kinds of dragons: the Asian, the prehistoric, the European, the marine, the forest and the mountain dragons.


English, Spanish, Catalan, German


2 h. 30′


Recommended for ages 6 and older
(children under 6 must be accompanied by an adult)


preu2 Families price per person
Accompanied children 15€
Accompanying adult 15€
preu1 Unaccompanied children
surcharge 10€
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Children under 3 don’t pay
Minimum group: 5 persons
Maximum group: 16 persons
preu3 Private tour/ Groups
1-5 persons 129€
each additional person 10€
Maximum group: 16 persons
The maximum price to be paid is 179 €
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