We believe in synergies and in the magic of sharing and working together. That’s why, in Kids&Cat, we have collaborators that bring the essence of beautiful projects to our experiences. Together we create experiences that complement each other.


One of the Kids&Cat experiences includes a route to discover the history of the graffiti and the street art in Barcelona and a workshop where the families can try out the real street art. Marc, from RebobinArt, is in charge of managing spaces for the urban artists to be able to create their art pieces legally, and he give them support in order to change present understanding of street art, to show their true value.

Who better than him to lead us? We actually love their project!

Both on the route and in the workshop we learn to respect and value different models of city and environment, we invite the children and families to think about the preservation and use of public spaces, and we provide a new approach to artistic sensibility.