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“Education is for all”, schooling project in Senegal

Mamadou Saliou is one of those people with whom you lose the notion of time. Listening to him, a half-hour coffee could easily end up being a 3 hours one ... His life’s adventure and how he started the Diandé Africa project to help children schooling in the Senegalese neighborhood of Ziguinchor, where he grew up, is very

We are all Barcelona

Thursday, August 17th, 2017; 4pm. I receive a call from an American family asking if it would be possible to do a dragon tour that evening, even though they know it's very tight on time. I tell them that it’s absolutely fine, in a half hour I can leave the house and be in the Borne district at 5.15

Don’t paint on the walls?

When we were little we were often told "children, don’t paint on the walls!". But thanks to street art or urban art we have discovered that actually, not only that they can be painted but that they can become amazing artworks. It is true though that there are different opinions about how to use public

Dragon’s shape synergies

Tuesday, June 20th, at 1 o`clock in the afternoon. One of those days of maximum heat. Café Virreina, on the square that bears the same name, in the middle of Gràcia’s neighbourhood. There’s a bit of wind and that’s nice. I’m waiting for Josep Martínez, a photographer from Andorra, who is living in Barcelona for