Discover Barcelona with the family

Barcelona with all five senses

Kids&Cat  creates unique experiences for children, teenagers and families to discover Barcelona the same way a child does.

We explore the city with families from around the world and we give the chance to the local families to (re)discover it from a different point of view. We offer educative leisure activities in English, Spanish, Catalan, and German.

A kid’s will to learn and play is endless. We believe in the experiential learning derived from the play and the curiosity towards exploring and questioning.

Children play the leading role in the adventure and take part in it at all times. We want to awaken their imagination, mainly by stimulating their five senses, so they have the chance to wonder and fulfil their need to explore, perceive and understand the world.

And we are convinced that learning is far more valuable when shared, with other children, but also with the family.

Together, we travel in time to discover Columbus and the “New World”, understanding how cocoa and spices arrived here, or the legacy of the “indianos” in Barcelona.

We enter medieval Barcelona to discover its legends and to find out how the children of those ages played, and we investigate where the dragons of the city hide.

We go deep into the street art and the graffiti of the city, and we become graffiti artists with the family for a day.

We awaken the curiosity of the children towards the architecture of Barcelona by giving their creativity free rein, and we even give them the opportunity to discover new flavours by experimenting in the kitchen.

… and all of this taking part in the adventure, touching and smelling, following hints and maps to make use of the brain while learning, in the own language or another one – enjoying it at the same time.


Experiencia genial para toda la familia!
Realizamos la visita Barcelona, Ciudad de Dragones el último fin de semana un total de 7 personas, 3 de ellas niños entre 6 y 7 y tengo que decir que todos disfrutamos muchísimo de la experiencia.

Maria U, tripadvisor

Un regalo perfecto!!!!
Una experiencia inolvidable, hemos disfrutado mucho con Anna y sus historias de dragones. Recomendadísimo tanto para niños que viven aquí como para los que están de visita, y también para los no tan niños!!! Ahora vemos dragones por todas partes. Nos hemos sentido muy acompañados.

Sergicool, tripadvisor

Muy recomendable!
Hemos hecho la Ruta dels Dracs con otras familias y un grupo de niños de 6 años.
Es una actividad muy divertida donde los niños tienen que encontrar los Dracs que estan escondidos en la ciudad. Para hacerlo tienen mapas, prismaticos y Anna les explica historias muy chulas!

Gemma F, tripadvisor

Una experiencia única
Ha sido una tarde con unas impresionantes historias y experiencias. Hemos estado de vista en Barcelona y para los niños ha sido una forma muy distinta de conocer algo más sobre Colón y la ciudad.

Stephan R, tripadvisor
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